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O.J. Simpson granted parole after 9 years in prison

(Breaking news update posted at 2:55 p.m. ET)

Published on 20 July 2017 | 7:45 pm

Hear Simpson's daughter's emotional remarks

The eldest daughter of O.J. Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, gets emotional speaking at her father's parole hearing.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 6:10 pm

The crime that landed O.J. Simpson in prison

O.J. Simpson spent a lifetime in the limelight -- first for his athletic prowess, charm and good looks, then as part of an American tragedy that came to symbolize much of what was controversial in America.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 4:22 am

What O.J. Simpson's life has been like in prison

O.J. Simpson has spent the past eight and a half years behind bars at Lovelock Correctional Facility, a medium security prison in Nevada's high desert.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 5:51 pm

Robbery victim to testify in favor of Simpson's parole

Bruce Fromong, the only surviving victim of the 2007 O.J. Simpson-led armed robbery that led to the former football star's imprisonment, says he is going to testify at a Thursday parole hearing -- in support of Simpson's release.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 7:02 am

Body Camera video allegedly shows Baltimore cop planting evidence

New video casts a glaring light on Baltimore Police practices as the department and city grapple with a distrustful public and record-setting violent crime.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 11:27 am

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dead at 41

Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park, was found dead Thursday according to a spokesman for the LA County Coroner.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 7:51 pm

Family of woman killed by Minn. police hires Castile family attorney

Justine Ruszczyk's relatives say they're still stunned the bride-to-be was killed by police -- and they've hired an attorney with experience handling controversial police-involved shootings.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 5:17 pm

Meghan McCain sends moving tribute to her father, her 'rock'

Meghan McCain, one of Sen. John McCain's seven children, posted a touching statement on Twitter on Wednesday night amid the news of her father's brain cancer diagnosis.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 4:21 pm

Boy, 6, revived with Narcan after possible opioid overdose

In what may be a sobering sign of the depths of the opioid crisis in New Hampshire, paramedics had to use Narcan to revive a 6-year-old boy Tuesday morning after a possible overdose.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 5:22 pm

Black judge removes flag with Confederate emblem from court

Carlos Moore made history this week when he took to the bench as the first African-American municipal judge in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Then he made a ruckus.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 4:02 pm

Opinion: The debt ceiling is dumb -- and dangerous

As the debt ceiling deadline approaches, Congress must consider killing the antiquated rule because it does not promote fiscal discipline, writes Andrew Tisch

Published on 20 July 2017 | 1:52 pm

Texas police seize 75 pounds of liquid meth in cleaning jugs

A Texas woman faces federal drug trafficking charges after police seized 75 pounds of liquid crystal methamphetamine worth $2 million inside her vehicle, according to the Austin Police Department.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 10:17 am

Depression in heart attack survivors is common, often untreated

Clyde Boyce has been hospitalized 14 times in the past four years.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 8:01 am

Shedding light on the 'other' breast cancer genes

When Samantha Golkin-Nigliazzo was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30, she wasn't surprised. Instead, it was the results of her subsequent genetic tests that left her in shock.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 5:10 pm

This 3-D-printed artificial heart actually beats

A heart of gold may be hard to find, but a heart of silicone may be within reach.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 2:52 pm

Woman retakes photos in same spots 30 years later

You can't revisit the past, but thanks to modern photography, you can try to recreate it. Just ask Lisa Werner.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 9:39 am

Club-hopping where blues music got 'dirty'

Toronzo Cannon has more energy before 5 a.m. than some people can muster all day.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 3:10 pm

Jeff Sessions: 'I plan to continue' as attorney general

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to continue in his job despite President Donald Trump's comments that he'd have picked someone else had he known Sessions would recuse himself from the Justice Department's Russia investigation.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 4:51 pm

John McCain faces his greatest battle, brain cancer

John McCain has always lived for the fight. Now he's facing his toughest battle.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 5:47 pm

DOJ announces takedown of Dark Web market AlphaBay

The Department of Justice and its international partners announced Thursday a takedown of a massive Dark Web marketplace that was allegedly one of the world's biggest sources for the sale of drugs and illicit materials, striking a blow to the cybercriminal underground.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 4:48 pm

Elon Musk says he has 'verbal approval' to build hyperloop

Elon Musk says he "just received verbal [government] approval" to build a new underground hyperloop network that can shuttle commuters between the two cities in 29 minutes.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 6:44 pm

Ryan Seacrest returning to 'American Idol'

Published on 20 July 2017 | 1:51 pm

Powerball reveals $447.8M winner in California

Jeff Lindsay and his family won the $447.8 million Powerball jackpot after he bought the winning ticket in Menifee, California, last month.

Published on 20 July 2017 | 4:47 pm

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