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California high court to rule on social media access

The California Supreme Court will decide whether Facebook and other social media companies must turn over user content to criminal defendants preparing for trial.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:52 am

Disputed Keystone Pipeline project focus of court hearing

Attorneys for the Trump administration are due in a Montana courtroom Thursday to defend the approval of TransCanada's disputed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline project.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:52 am

Video of Brown arrest sparks criticism of Milwaukee police

Community groups in Milwaukee are criticizing police over newly released body-camera footage of Bucks player Sterling Brown's January arrest.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:42 am

Las Vegas strike would have far-reaching effect

Tens of thousands of casino employees could walk off the job for the first time in more than three decades after union members voted to authorize a strike at any time starting June 1.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:33 am

Texas shooting survivors seek purpose in shadow of Parkland

Texas school shooting survivors search for purpose in shadow of Parkland attack.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:33 am

New wind projects would deliver enough power for 600K homes

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have announced offshore wind projects aimed at delivering a combined 1,200 megawatts of energy.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:32 am

Discovery of World War II soldier's plane brings closure

When Tom Kelly's relatives got word that his World War II B-24 bomber had finally been found, a wave of exhilaration and grief washed over them.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:22 am

California's West Hollywood declares 'Stormy Daniels Day'

City leaders to declare 'Stormy Daniels Day' in West Hollywood, California.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:22 am

After mass shootings, NRA pins blame on familiar list

From the design of school buildings to video games, here's what the gun lobby says leads to school shootings.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:14 am

Chaos of Las Vegas shooting promoted fears of wider attack

Gunshots came so rapidly during the deadliest mass shooting in the nation's modern history that one Las Vegas police officer feared he was facing a fully stocked assault team with tactical gear.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:14 am

Hawaii volcano produces methane and 'eerie' blue flames

Scientists in Hawaii have captured rare images of blue methane flames burning from cracks in the pavement as Kilauea volcano gushes lava in the background.

Published on 24 May 2018 | 6:14 am

Norman PD Seeking The Public's Help To Locate Missing 74-Year-Old Man

Norman Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a 74-year-old man who was last seen three weeks ago. 

Published on 24 May 2018 | 3:20 am

News Minute: Here is the latest Oklahoma news from The Associated Press at 9:40 p.m. CDT

The incoming leader of the Oklahoma Senate has selected his top lieutenants for the upcoming legislative session. Senate President Pro Tempore-designate Greg Treat announced Wednesday he picked Sen. Kim David of Porter as...

Published on 24 May 2018 | 2:41 am

News 9 Storm Trackers Give Moore Tornado Victim Gift

Five years ago, this month, storm trackers Val and Amy Castor met a couple in the direct path of the Moore tornado. 

Published on 24 May 2018 | 2:07 am

Chickasha Teacher Caught On Video Texting While Driving School Bus

A teacher at a school for special needs students is in some trouble after she was seen driving a school bus full of kids while texting, and the whole thing was caught on video. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 11:22 pm

OKC Unveils First Biking-Pedestrian Master Plan

Oklahoma City is trying to make it easier for you to ditch your car when it comes to getting around the city. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 11:01 pm

Former Superintendents React To New OKCPS Hire

New Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel is getting high praise from two people who have already held the seat. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 10:40 pm

Storm Wipes Out Uninsured Lexington Church

Cleanup is underway for some in the Lexington area after severe weather struck Saturday night. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 10:27 pm

Teacher Accused Of Placing Student In Locker Removed From School

The Greenwood Leadership Academy says the staff member accused of leaving a special needs student in a locker is no longer employed by the school. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 9:57 pm

Incoming Oklahoma Senate leader picks his deputies

The incoming leader of the Oklahoma Senate has selected his top lieutenants for the upcoming legislative session.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 9:48 pm

FDA Warns Infant Teething Medications Are Unsafe

Federal health officials warned parents Wednesday about the dangers of teething remedies that contain a popular numbing ingredient and asked manufacturers to stop selling their products intended for babies and toddlers. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 9:45 pm

Oklahoma Man Fighting Cancer Reaches Millions With Inspirational Song

A colon cancer patient is refusing to give up hope and he's inspiring millions of others along the way with a simple song. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 9:00 pm

Fatal Collision In Perkins Leaves 1 Dead, Another Injured

One person is dead, and another injured after a fatal collision took place early Wednesday morning in Perkins.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 8:18 pm

Quakes lead to more wells being shut down or reduce volume

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission's Oil and Gas Division is directing some injection wells in north-central Oklahoma reduce injection volumes and others to stop operations.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 6:56 pm

OCC Issues Directive After Earthquake Swarm In Logan Co.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has issued a directive after a swarm of earthquakes in Logan County.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 6:43 pm

Judge: President Can’t Block Critics On Twitter

President Donald Trump violates the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment when he blocks critics on Twitter for political speech, a judge ruled Wednesday. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 6:34 pm

Pompeo Pushes For June 12 Date Amid Trump-Kim Summit Uncertainty

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was confident that U.S.-North Korea summit is "still scheduled for June 12" despite the president casting doubt on the date on Tuesday. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 5:50 pm

NFL Owners Approve New Policy On Kneeling During National Anthem

NFL owners have approved a new policy aimed at addressing the firestorm over national anthem protests. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 5:45 pm

Oklahoma City pushes Amazon incentives

Oklahoma City officials have agreed to spend $1.7 million to help Amazon open a customer order fulfillment center in hopes of creating more jobs.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 4:44 pm

NFL Star JJ Watt Visits Santa Fe Shooting Survivors At Texas Hospital

NFL star JJ Watt on Monday brought some joy to the Santa Fe high school shooting survivors at a Texas hospital. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 4:20 pm

Hit-And-Run Victim Left For Dead In Norman

A hit and run victim in Norman remains hospitalized in serious condition. The driver 38-year-old Misti Miller turned herself in yesterday. Charlene Hughes was hit while crossing the road to check her mail. Her husband of 20 years found her in the road left to die.  "I haven't closed my eyes, since I went to bed Sunday night because whenever I close my eyes I see my wife laying on a road, bleeding and dying in front of our home," said James Hughes. Charlene was f...

Published on 23 May 2018 | 3:56 pm

Judge Evicts 30-Year-Old After He Wouldn't Move Out Of Parents' House

After their notes, advice and gifts of cash went unheeded, two parents turned to the law to move their adult son out of their house.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 3:23 pm

Powwow Regalia Stolen From Youth After Tulsa Car Wreck

A Shawnee-area family is desperate to find powwow regalia that disappeared last week after a Tulsa car crash. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 3:21 pm

FBI Launches #ThinkBeforeYouPost Campaign To Curb Hoax Threats

The FBI is launching a campaign to educate the public on the consequences of posting hoax threats to schools and other public places. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 3:12 pm

Driver Taken Into Custody For Suspicion Of DUI In I-40 Crash

Crews are working a multi-vehicle accident along I-40 Wednesday morning. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 3:10 pm

OKC Zoo Announces Births Of Red River Hog Piglets

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden have announced the birth of three red river hog piglets.  

Published on 23 May 2018 | 3:08 pm

Seismologists find woman's body in eastern Oklahoma

Authorities say a woman's body has been found in a wooded area in eastern Oklahoma.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 2:31 pm

News 9 Poll Offers Early Look At Front-Runners in AG, Lt. Gov Races

A News 9 poll released Tuesday is providing insight into the race for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 2:07 pm

News On 6/News 9 Poll Shows Tight Race For GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

A News On 6/News 9 poll released Tuesday shows the Republican race for governor tightening and the Democrat race, well, not so much.

Published on 23 May 2018 | 1:54 pm

Challenges To The Repeal Of Teacher Pay Raises Filed

More than a dozen education groups from around the state are banding together hoping to make sure teachers still get the raises they were promised. 

Published on 23 May 2018 | 12:34 pm

Summer Pattern Settles In With Temps Rising Into Holiday Weekend

A quiet morning with temperatures in the mid 60s and mild conditions. Wednesday will see partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of rain or a pop up storm across the metro. Chances are spotty during the afternoon hours. Any activity will fade by evening time. Highs will be in the upper 80s. Wednesday night will see partly cloudy skies and lows drop into the upper 60s. Thursday will see a slim chance of rain or storm again. The summer pattern settles in with the heat continuing...

Published on 23 May 2018 | 10:26 am

Your 2 Cents: Did The Government Put A Spy In The Trump Campaign?

With the news that the FBI had an informant, some call him a spy, inside the Trump Campaign it seems to me the longer this Russian collusion investigation goes on the worse top law enforcement officials look.  

Published on 23 May 2018 | 4:24 am

Oklahoma City school district hires new superintendent

Oklahoma's largest school district has a new superintendent.

Published on 22 May 2018 | 10:07 pm

Not guilty plea entered for Tulsa woman in daughter's attack

An Oklahoma judge has entered a not guilty plea for a Tulsa woman charged with stabbing her 11-year-old daughter 50 to 70 times, hitting her in the head with an axe, then setting their home on fire.

Published on 22 May 2018 | 6:34 pm

Lawsuit: Tulsa officers didn't help man before killing him

The family of a mentally ill man who was fatally shot by Tulsa law enforcement has filed a federal lawsuit alleging deputies "did nothing" to help the man.

Published on 22 May 2018 | 4:54 pm

Trump Wades Into Abortion Politics As Midterms Approach

President Donald Trump has long been an unlikely sweetheart for conservative and evangelical voters.

Published on 22 May 2018 | 4:24 pm

Oklahoma governor lifts burn bans in all but 7 counties

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin says burn bans are being lifted in half of the 14 counties where they have been in place due to extreme fire conditions.

Published on 22 May 2018 | 3:58 pm

Oklahoma Highway Patrol identifies boating crash victim

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has recovered the body of one missing victim of a weekend boating crash and continues searching for second a missing boater who is believed to be dead.

Published on 22 May 2018 | 3:02 pm

My 2 Cents: Did The Government Put A Spy In The Trump Campaign?

There has been so much smoke and so little fire in the Russia collusion investigation of the Trump campaign, that I suspect most people just ignore it at this point and are ready to move on. 

Published on 22 May 2018 | 3:45 am

Crashed helicopter's occupants: Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri

Louisiana authorities say the passenger who died in a weekend helicopter crash was from Oklahoma. The injured pilot and crewman are from Florida and Missouri.

Published on 21 May 2018 | 9:45 pm

US Supreme Court To Review Oklahoma's Indian Territory Murder Appeal

The Supreme Court will hear Oklahoma's plea to reinstate the murder conviction and death sentence of an American Indian. The justices on Monday said they will review an appellate ruling that overturned the conviction and sentence of Patrick Murphy. 

Published on 21 May 2018 | 2:01 pm

Trump Demands DOJ Look Into Whether FBI "Infiltrated" Campaign

President Trump tweeted on Sunday that he is demanding the Department of Justice investigate whether the FBI "infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes."

Published on 20 May 2018 | 7:39 pm

First Lady Melania Trump Returns To White House After Hospital Stay

First lady Melania Trump returned to the White House Saturday morning after a five-day stay in the hospital, according to the first lady's communications director, Stephanie Grisham. 

Published on 19 May 2018 | 3:36 pm

What We've Learned In 12 Months Of Mueller's Investigation

It was one year ago Thursday when Robert Mueller, the former FBI director, was appointed as special counsel to take over the Justice Department's investigation into possible coordination between Russia and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Published on 17 May 2018 | 2:51 pm

My 2 Cents: “Fields And Futures”

There's a new wave of enthusiasm rolling through the high schools and middle schools of the Oklahoma City School District, the playing field is being leveled for many student athletes. 

Published on 17 May 2018 | 3:50 am

Your 2 Cents: Constitutional Carry

I agree with the Governor's decision to veto the constitutional carry bill, because I believe training is a necessity before people carry a firearm.  

Published on 15 May 2018 | 4:44 am

LGBTQ Group Could Use Conservative Plan To Combat Adoption Bill

A legal fight is looming after the governor signed a controversial adoption bill into law. 

Published on 14 May 2018 | 10:54 pm

Melania Trump In Hospital For Procedure On Kidney Condition

The White House says Melania Trump is hospitalized after undergoing a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition.    

Published on 14 May 2018 | 7:48 pm

My 2 Cents: Constitutional Carry

I find myself torn on Senate Bill 12-12, also known as Constitutional Carry. 

Published on 10 May 2018 | 2:41 am

Your 2 Cents: President To Decide On Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump pulled the plug on the Iran Nuclear Deal today despite Former Secretary of State John Kerry lobbying for other world leaders to keep his signature foreign policy accomplishment alive. 

Published on 9 May 2018 | 3:27 am

My 2 Cents: President To Decide On Iran Nuclear Deal

John Kerry, the former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Nominee, is back in the news. 

Published on 8 May 2018 | 2:51 am

My 2 Cents: Tijuana Migrants Seeking Asylum

A very difficult situation is developing in Tijuana, Mexico.  A caravan of asylum seeking migrants from Central America have arrived at our Southern Border, and say they'll stay there until they're allowed into the United States. Most claim their lives were in danger in Guatemala, Honduras or whatever country they left. But if it were simply that, why travel all the way to our country? The migrants trekked 4-thousand miles across Mexico and could have sought asylum there.&nbsp...

Published on 1 May 2018 | 3:36 am

Your 2 Cents: Professor Under Fire For Barbara Bush Tweets

A Fresno State University professor took the occasion of Barbara Bush's death to tweet out some crude and disparaging comments, calling her an "amazing racist", and said she was glad the witch was dead and would be happy when the rest of her family died.  

Published on 24 April 2018 | 3:07 am

My 2 Cents: Professor Under Fire For Barbara Bush Tweets

While most of the nation is mourning the loss of former First Lady Barbara Bush, a college professor at Fresno State University celebrated by tweeting out disparaging remarks. 

Published on 19 April 2018 | 9:34 pm

Fuel Tax Increase Bill Headed To Governor’s Desk

A bill that diverts money from the newly passed fuel tax to transportation and "not directly into education" has passed in the state House of Representatives Tuesday.

Published on 18 April 2018 | 8:11 pm

OKCPS To Resume Classes Monday, Add Hour To Each School Day

Oklahoma City Public Schools announced classes will resume Monday, April 16. And the district says an hour will be added to each school day to make up time for the walkout.

Published on 14 April 2018 | 1:50 am

[UNFILTERED] Tulsa Memorial Band Director: "I'm Just Frustrated"

Emotions were mixed after the Oklahoma Education Association announced an end to the Oklahoma teacher walkout on Thursday. Some teachers were left feeling like nothing had been accomplished, despite $70 million in new money going to classroom funding.

Published on 13 April 2018 | 2:20 pm

Walkout Ends: OEA Claims Victory Even Without New Revenue For 2019 Budget

Nine days after it started, the teacher walkout is over in Oklahoma. 

Published on 13 April 2018 | 12:11 am

My 2 Cents: Creative Teacher Walkout Signs

Teachers are known for being creative and you could certainly see that in the signs they carried at the teacher walkout. 

Published on 12 April 2018 | 2:50 am

Education Secretary: Oklahoma Students Suffering Due To "Adult Squabbles"

The head of the federal Department of Education said Oklahoma students were suffering in the midst of "adult squabbles," according to a news report from The Washington Post.

Published on 9 April 2018 | 4:46 pm

Oklahoma Teacher Walkout: Resources For Parents

With a teacher walkout planned across Oklahoma starting April 2, we thought parents would find value in some resources that could help them plan for child care or even meals that day, that week or for however long a walkout lasts. 

Published on 9 April 2018 | 3:13 pm

Educate Oklahoma Special To Re-Air Nightly Through April 6

The Educate Oklahoma special will air again beginning Tuesday April 3 and repeat nightly until Friday April 6. 

Published on 3 April 2018 | 6:49 pm

Teachers Hold Class At State Capitol During Walkout

Thousands of students rallied alongside their teachers at the State Capitol Monday, supporting them in their effort to get more funding for the classroom. 

Published on 2 April 2018 | 10:33 pm

Mid-Del Schools Holds Community Forum Ahead Of Walkout

Parents and educators packed a community forum Tuesday at Midwest City High School. Attendees asked district officials about meals, child care and other impacts on the calendar. 

Published on 28 March 2018 | 2:24 am

OEA Says Teacher Walkout Still On, Despite Passage Of House Bill

Lawmakers are one step closer to giving teachers and state employees a pay raise and avoiding a school shutdown next week. 

Published on 27 March 2018 | 9:37 pm

State House Passes Deal, But Likely Won't Stop April 2 Walkout

A plan to avert a teacher walkout on April 2 was introduced to the Oklahoma state House on Monday. 

Published on 27 March 2018 | 4:14 am

9 Investigates: Oklahoma Children Face More Adverse Experiences Than Most

By all accounts, Kendra Adams is an excellent mother to her 5-year-old twins. Adams has homeschooled her kids and taken her role as teacher quite seriously. 

Published on 13 February 2018 | 4:56 pm

Experts Finding Ways To Counter Negative Effects Of Childhood Traumas

Experts in developmental and behavioral pediatrics, including researchers at the OU Health Sciences Center, have put their finger on a potentially powerful counterbalance to the negative effects of childhood adversity. 

Published on 9 February 2018 | 11:14 pm

9 Investigates: DHS Workers Blow Whistle On Child Protective Services

DHS workers are blowing the whistle on Oklahoma's Child Protective Services, saying they are overburdened with extremely high caseloads and the state is covering it all up to comply with a court order. 

Published on 2 December 2017 | 1:36 am

New Details Revealed In State Earthquake Hearings

More evidence is coming to light showing that scientists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey were pressured not to publicly connect the state's dramatic increase in earthquakes with oil and gas activity. 

Published on 7 November 2017 | 7:27 pm

9 Investigates: State Of Oklahoma Seeing Decline In Daycares

Starting another business was the last thing Jerry Dupree wanted to do. 

Published on 11 October 2017 | 2:53 am

9 Investigates: Staffer Alleges Widespread Sexual Harassment At State Capitol

“Maybe into my second week when I was kind of pulled aside, ‘don't be alone with this member, don't be alone with that member. 

Published on 9 March 2017 | 10:22 pm

9 Investigates: Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Reform

When state lawmakers passed legislation in 2013 that replaced the old Workers' Compensation Court with an administrative Workers' Compensation Commission, the business community thanked them for fixing what many felt was a broken system. 

Published on 24 February 2017 | 5:02 pm

9 Investigates: Lawmakers Consider Creating Veterans Registry

Oklahoma loves its veterans. 

Published on 16 December 2016 | 3:55 am

9 Investigates: Schools Arming Teachers To Protect Students

Not long after the governor signed HB 2014 into law last year, Todd Hallman, an agriculture education teacher here, had a talk with some of his friends at the police department about taking on a new role at school. 

Published on 3 November 2016 | 4:36 pm

9 Investigates: Oklahoma's Response To Earthquakes

Frustrated. That sums up how a lot of Oklahomans feel about the state's response to a dramatic increase in earthquakes over the past eight years. 

Published on 5 August 2016 | 2:56 am

9 Investigates: Recycling Injection Well Wastewater

Never has there been so much pressure on Oklahoma's oil and gas producers to reduce the amount of wastewater they're injecting underground. 

Published on 1 July 2016 | 3:03 am

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