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Arkansas man, teenage son among 17 killed when tourist boat sank in Missouri

An Arkansas man and his son are among the 17 people who died when a tourist boat capsized near Branson, Missouri.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 12:46 pm

Cases of hepatitis on rise in state; vaccine offered for free in county

An outbreak of hepatitis A in northeast Arkansas has almost doubled in size, to 60 cases, in just over a month and resulted in one death, prompting the state on Friday to urge all residents of Greene County age 19-60 to get vaccinated.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 9:30 am

Food hall in Little Rock's River Market soon to feel cooler

The Ottenheimer Market Hall in downtown Little Rock's River Market District has almost finished refreshing its air-conditioning system, after spending several weeks with a temporary unit parked outside its back doors.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 9:30 am

Deaths at 17 in sinking; a rush to rescue in vain

The seriousness of the tragedy on Table Rock Lake became apparent to Pat Cox when he arrived at the site of a sunken tour boat immediately after Thursday night's storm and there were no survivors floating in life jackets.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 9:07 am

EU, Chinese stinging U.S., Trump tweets

President Donald Trump on Friday accused China and the European Union of manipulating their currencies and continued to criticize the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates, saying those moves are putting the United States at a disadvantage.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 9:04 am

U.S. not onboard Ukraine vote call, White House says

The White House said Friday that President Donald Trump's administration "is not considering supporting" a call by Russian President Vladimir Putin for a referendum in eastern Ukraine, distancing itself from the idea in the aftermath of Trump's summit with the Russian leader.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 9:03 am

Teacher system to back pellet-maker's $150M loan

The Arkansas Teacher Retirement System will guarantee a $150 million loan and interest owed by Highland Pellets LLC, which operates a wood-pellet manufacturing plant in the Pine Bluff industrial park near White Hall, the system's trustees decided Friday.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 9:00 am

Cohen secretly taped Trump, lawyers state

President Donald Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded a conversation with Trump two months before the presidential election in which they discussed payments to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Trump, according to lawyers and others familiar with the recording.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:59 am

Judge upbeat over reuniting kids

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw said he's pleased with the progress President Donald Trump's administration is making toward meeting a Thursday deadline to reunite more than 2,500 children with their families after they were separated at the border.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:57 am

Mueller team calls to question madam

Investigators in special counsel Robert Mueller's office have notified an attorney for Kristin Davis, who gained notoriety for running a high-end prostitution ring, that they intend to question her as part of their probe of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, Davis said Friday.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:56 am

Syrian rebels cede Israeli frontier area

Syrian rebels laid down their weapons and started evacuating their positions near the Golan Heights on Friday, paving the way for President Bashar Assad's forces to retake their positions along the Israeli frontier for the first time since 2011.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:55 am

N.Y. tax agency probes Trump Foundation

New York state's tax-collecting agency has opened its own investigation into the Donald J. Trump Foundation, President Trump's personal charity, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:53 am

Ohio governor commutes killer's sentence

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Friday spared a condemned killer whose sentence was challenged after a juror came forward and said information about the extent of the inmate's tough childhood wasn't properly presented at trial.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:51 am

Beards a hairy issue in Navy

Now that women in the Navy can wear ponytails, men want beards.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:48 am

Opinion invalidates LGBT-bias finding

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said Friday that state law does not ban discrimination against gay, bisexual or transgender people, declaring a commission’s interpretation to be invalid while stating that only the Legislature or voters can expand the law to provide such protections.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:42 am

Thailand seeks to control films on boys in cave

Thailand's military government wants to control how movies portray the ordeal of the young soccer players and their heroic rescue from a flooded cave that drew worldwide interest and the attention of foreign filmmakers.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:41 am

Sinking harkens to 1999's near Hot Springs

The 17 people who died Thursday night when an amphibious passenger vehicle sank on Table Rock Lake in southwest Missouri surpassed the number of people killed in a similar tragedy nearly 20 years ago in Arkansas.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:38 am

Ex-S. Korea leader given 8 more years

A South Korean court on Friday sentenced former South Korean President Park Geun-hye to an additional eight years for abusing state funds and violating election laws.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:36 am

Charlotte in N.C. gets GOP’s ’20 fest

The GOP's national committee Friday selected North Carolina's largest city over Las Vegas to host the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:34 am

Pompeo: N. Korea sanctions key

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared Friday that the U.N. Security Council is united on the need for the fully verified denuclearization of North Korea, and he urged all countries -- especially Russia and China -- to strictly enforce U.N. sanctions to achieve that goal.

Published on 21 July 2018 | 8:32 am

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