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5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: November 22-29

Christmas at Six Flags, a hip-hop take on the Nutcracker, and support black business at Black Friday Fest.

Published on 22 November 2017 | 5:50 pm

UGA-Tech’s “clean, old-fashioned hate” at Grant Field, 1941

Every Thanksgiving weekend Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia clash on the gridiron to resolve yet another battle in the 124-year-old rivalry described by author Bill Cromartie as “clean, old-fashioned hate.”

Published on 22 November 2017 | 1:00 pm

Not sure how a painting will look in your house? The Artcloud app can install it virtually for you.

Alex West's Artcloud app gives individuals a way to zero in on the art they love. With 50,000 works from 4,000-plus local and international artists, all you need to do is upload a photo of a room and you can test how a piece looks in your setting.

Published on 22 November 2017 | 1:00 pm

The Christiane Chronicles: Cheese later, not now

I cannot contain my disdain for the appetizer cheese course. Cheese is rich and, depending on the kind, funky. It satiates your appetite. It induces sleepiness, even. Why would anyone eat it at the beginning of the meal?

Published on 22 November 2017 | 1:00 pm

Editor’s Note: Buildings are changing Atlanta and the way Atlantans live

Humans shape buildings, but they also shape us. This year’s edition of our annual Groundbreakers Awards is dedicated to visionary architecture. Of course, the soon-to-be-iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium immediately comes to mind. But more subtle revolutions—New Urbanist communities, historic renovations, sustainable construction—are also changing the way we live.

Published on 21 November 2017 | 6:08 pm

Commentary: With the Trump travel ban, Americans face an important choice

As an Iranian-American, the travel ban hits close to home. My husband, Maysam, came to this country from Iran in 2000 through a student visa to get his PhD in electrical engineering. Today he is a professor at Georgia Tech, where his research focuses on helping people with disabilities lead independent lives.

Published on 21 November 2017 | 5:33 pm

For Gunshow chef Kevin Gillespie, his Buckhead home is a treasured respite

Kevin Gillespie may be known for his love of Southern cuisine, but part of his heart—the part that helped design his Buckhead home—belongs to California. Kevin’s wife, Valerie, first discovered the house on Zillow. She immediately knew they’d both love the ranch-style abode and submitted an offer even though Kevin was out of town.

Published on 21 November 2017 | 5:24 pm

Brash Coffee is coming to Buckhead and bringing a sophisticated espresso bar

The new 1,500-square-foot Brash space at the Atlanta History Center will feature a Modbar, allowing baristas to profile espresso. In other words, the Brash baristas will be able to match the coffee preparation to fit the exact humidity and temperature in the air.

Published on 21 November 2017 | 2:51 pm

Holiday etiquette: How to be a perfect guest

Even in our increasingly digital world, there’s still something to be said for manners. As the invitations to holiday festivities roll in, we turned to Erika Preval of Charm Etiquette for some modern advice.

Published on 21 November 2017 | 1:00 pm

Dishwasher Eden Vazquez is one of Atlanta’s unsung (and vital) kitchen workers

Without dishwashers, restaurants simply couldn’t operate. Bacchanalia pastry chef Carla Tomasko thinks it might even be the most vital position in the professional kitchen.

Published on 21 November 2017 | 1:00 pm

A MARTA bus blocked The Weather Channel’s view of the Dome implosion and the internet is cracking up

The Weather Channel got a viral video—just not the one they expected.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 10:17 pm

The Walking Dead Awards: The Saviors are stressed out

Negan and Gabriel get to know each other, the Saviors realize they have a mole, and the tension between Rick and Daryl comes to a head.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 7:10 pm

Ace of vase: The right way to create seasonal flower arrangements

Ayla Gurganus’s floral arrangements are Instagram catnip. In May she launched the Flower Shop at Young Blood Boutique, offering one style of hand-tied bouquet every other week. Here, Gurganus shares tips for creating seasonal arrangements.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 1:00 pm

Escape to Beech Mountain, the highest ski destination in the East

Beech Mountain, North Carolina celebrates 50 years as the highest ski area east of the Rockies with special deals and new-and-improved amenities.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 6:53 am

Party hosting? Keep comfy with these cushy, chic shoes.

When you're the party host, you're on your feet all night long. We asked Shaye Strager, in-house fashion stylist for Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square, to share her picks for shoes that are both comfy and glam.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 11:15 pm

11 things to know about the Georgia Dome implosion

Say goodbye to the Georgia Dome—by 7:31 a.m. Monday, it will be nothing but rubble. 11 facts about the implosion, including who's pressing the button and how many tons of explosives it takes to bring the arena down.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 10:31 pm

Nonintimidating spin studio: Vibe Ride

Maybe you avoid indoor cycling classes like the plague, worried you’ll be shown up and shamed by a judgmental squad of Spandex-clad spin addicts.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 7:00 pm

Leaps and bounds: Atlanta Parkour

Leaping, climbing, bounding, bouncing, flipping—you can do all of that in a parkour class.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 7:00 pm

Microblading: Brow You Doin’

Carey Housen launched Brow You Doin’, her microblading business, out of Only You Tattoo in 2016, inspired in part by her struggles with alopecia.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 7:00 pm

Boxing for beginners: Vesta Movement

You can’t help but feel tough when your hands are wrapped and slipped into boxing gloves.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 7:00 pm

Barbecue: B’s Cracklin’

This Atlanta location of pitmaster Bryan Furman’s barbecue joint—the original is in Savannah—couldn’t have been more warmly embraced by Riverside, a neighborhood in need of choice dining options.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:58 pm

Caretaker: Steve Palmer

There are many heroes in our local food community, but this shout-out goes to the Indigo Road Restaurant Group’s Steve Palmer, who brought a chapter of his organization Ben’s Friends here in April.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:57 pm

Korean fried chicken: Thank U Chicken

Enter Thank U Chicken and you feel as if you’ve been teleported to Seoul, where frying chicken is almost a sport.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:56 pm

Dance fitness: Vixen Workout at Atlanta Dance & Music Academy

Part of a nationwide hip-hop cardio program inspired by music video choreography, these classes are accessible for even the clumsiest among us.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:55 pm

Health food: Upbeet

Erik Maier’s simultaneously sleek and bubbly fast-casual restaurant relies on organic ingredients and a crew of high-spirited bowl-builders.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:54 pm

Pop-up: Talat Market

Parnass Savang serves Thai-inspired dinners three nights a week at Gato in Candler Park, quietly revolutionizing what Atlanta thought of this nation’s cuisine.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:53 pm

Tastemaker: Anne Quatrano

Anne Quatrano boldly moved Bacchanalia to a relatively unknown industrial area on the Westside in 1999. Now, she’s done it again, designing a stand-alone building to house her flagship and its adjoining cafe, Star Provisions, just one mile away, in another offbeat location.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:52 pm

Bright idea: Black Restaurant Week

Black Restaurant Week—launched in Houston, Texas, in 2016—came here for the first time this August.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:52 pm

New chef: Brian So

Brian So took one of eight spots on Atlanta’s best new restaurants list this year for his French technique-driven cooking at Spring in Marietta.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:52 pm

Do-good disposal system: Compostwheels

The idea: Conserve your food scraps, and Compostwheels will pick them up and turn them into nutrient-rich soil that they then deliver to nearby farms. That means less food waste going to local landfills and more local food production.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:51 pm

Empire builder: Revelator Coffee Company

The fast-expanding Birmingham, Alabama–based roaster hasn’t put its name above any of the Octane coffee shops it acquired in April, but its products are on the shelves.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:49 pm

New Sichuan game: Yummy Spicy

Masterpiece still holds the title as Atlanta’s best Sichuan restaurant, but Yummy Spicy’s arrival on Buford Highway means you don’t have to drive OTP to get your fix.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:48 pm

Gluten-free eats: Mediterranea

Those who are more interested in good food than restrictive diets typically have no idea that this charming Mediterranean bistro in Grant Park is a gluten-free haven. From its wine list to its hospitality, Mediterranea raises the bar for this neighborhood.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:47 pm

Americanized Chinese: Double Dragon

Michael Lo and George Yu of Taiyo in Decatur are reinterpreting old-school Americanized Chinese dishes such as hot and sour soup, General Tso’s chicken, and Mongolian beef with organic ingredients. Their place in downtown Oakhurst is family-friendly, yet grown-up.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:47 pm

24-hour doughnuts: Sublime

Just like the original location near Georgia Tech, the new Briarcliff Road outpost of local doughnut brand Sublime is open 24/7. Somehow, though, the bright lights and ice cream parlor vibe feel more conducive to satisfying late-night cravings.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:47 pm

The Mercedes-Benz of stadium food

Despite the $1.5 billion construction price tag, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is all about “fan-first pricing.” If you love fried chicken, go to Molly B’s Cookhouse. Can’t decide between a snack or a meal? Go to one of four Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q locations.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:46 pm

Menu design: Food Terminal

Those of you who like to take home menus from restaurants will have no luck at Food Terminal. This is not a one-sheet; it’s a 50-page glossy magazine featuring full-bleed photos and faux cover lines.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:43 pm

Cuisine to try: Burmese at Royal Myanmar

Travel to Clarkston to taste salads perfumed with tea leaves, plates of silky “tofu” made with chickpea flour instead of soybeans, and rich coconut curries.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:43 pm

Big, bad salad: Petit Chou

Petit Chou is great for a number of reasons. But perhaps the number one reason to return to this Cabbagetown cafe again and again is for chef Diana Presson Eller’s “the Whole Chou” salad.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:42 pm

Pizza (Plus): O4W Pizza

Doughy, crispy, semi-deep-dish Grandma Pie reigns supreme at Anthony Spina’s O4W Pizza, which he moved to Duluth from Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward last summer. But that Grandma Pie! Sizzled in a cast-iron pan and finished with whole fresh basil leaves, it’s a must-order.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:41 pm

Worth the drive: Jerry’s Gourmet Burgers

Granted, Villa Rica is a good 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, and granted, Jerry’s Gourmet Burgers only sells a few lowbrow food items. But “burger” is in the name for a reason, and it’s a burger you should travel for.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:39 pm

Legislation: Senate Bill 85

Victory! As of last spring, local breweries can sell beer directly to customers.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:38 pm

Tapas: Bar Mercado

Castellucci Hospitality Group’s new tapas restaurant in Krog Street Market exhibits a knack for conviviality and passion for all things Spanish.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:36 pm

New all-day eats: The Canteen

The concepts that make up the Canteen, which the General Muir’s Todd Ginsberg and his partners opened near Georgia Tech in June, aren’t necessarily new, but packed into what they’re calling a “micro food hall," they feel fresh.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:35 pm

New food court: Jusgo Supermarket

The best part of Jusgo Supermarket in Duluth is the food court, a quick study of regional Chinese cuisines. Craft your own Sichuan-style dry hot pots at Uncle Zhu, and try Cantonese barbecue at BBQ Corner.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:34 pm

Homecoming: Shaun Doty

Chef Doty is back in the kitchen again at the Federal, a bistro-cum-steakhouse that he and partner Lance Gummere opened in Midtown late last year.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:34 pm

Vegetarian: VeGreen Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant

VeGreen puts an international spin on its eclectic menu of vegetarian fare. The dishes lean Asian, with some Chinese and some Japanese influences, but here and there, you’ll find a wild card such as pumpkin “cream” soup. Vegans are welcome here, and carnivores, too.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:33 pm

Noodles: LanZhou Ramen

Walk into LanZhou and you see a showcase window framed in neon. It overlooks a kitchen where chefs stretch, bang, and twirl dough for the house specialty of this new central China–style noodle shop in Doraville.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:32 pm

Venezuelan: Arepa Mia

Venezuela-born Lis Hernandez has been feeding Atlantans arepas at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market since 2012. This summer, she moved the second location of Arepa Mia (first opened in 2014) from Decatur to Avondale Estates, where she has a patio, more parking, and new menu items.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:32 pm

Overdue recognition: Miller Union

This year, after five nominations, Miller Union chef Steven Satterfield brought home a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southeast.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:32 pm

Pre-gaming: Atlanta United Footie Mob

Sure, you can spend the time, money, and energy to create a tailgating spread. Or you can join the Footie Mob and delegate the job to one of the team’s sanctioned—though still slightly unofficial—fan clubs.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:29 pm

Fashion show: SCAD FASH

Since opening at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta campus in 2015, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film has staged retrospectives on Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, as well as other lavish fashion exhibitions never before seen in the South.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:29 pm

Action dining: Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

Conveyor-belt dining has arrived in Doraville. The idea is to serve a large number of customers quickly and cheaply, sending inexpensive sushi ($2.25 each) and small plates through the dining room on a mechanized runway.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:28 pm

Late-night drinking: Bon Ton

This Vietnamese-Cajun boil house with a consciously gaudy New Orleans vibe is a sultry Midtown spot to drink—and drink late.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:26 pm

Lowbrow Shakespeare: Shakespeare on Draught

With only one rehearsal before each production of their five-show season, the classically trained actors have just as much fun as the audience, who are encouraged to participate. If anyone forgets a line, everyone drinks.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:25 pm

Film booster: Christopher Escobar

The purchase of one historic building seems strikingly auspicious for Atlanta’s growing film community: Chris Escobar’s acquisition of the Plaza Theatre.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:24 pm

New dance troupe: Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre

Welcomed with a temporary home at the Westside Cultural Arts Center and a promised spot at Serenbe’s planned arts facility, Terminus debuted exstasis—Latin for “ecstasy” or “rapture”—to sold-out crowds in October.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:23 pm

Rising curator: Tracy Murrell

Since taking the helm of the Hammonds House Museum in 2013, Murrell has breathed new life into the West End arts center by pushing conversations about racial injustice and inequality. Murrell, an accomplished painter herself, is known for reaching out to younger artists.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:23 pm

Restful fest: Dirty South Yoga Fest

More than 25 classes from 48 of Atlanta’s favorite yoga instructors are on offer at this four-year-old summertime yoga festival.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:22 pm

New composer: Michael Kurth

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has a long history of investing in new works by contemporary composers, but few are as breathtaking as the spectacles by the ASO’s own Michael Kurth.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:21 pm

Breakthrough artist: Cosmo Whyte

The adept Jamaican-born artist and Morehouse College lecturer explores themes of ancestral, generational, and personal identity through various mediums. His distinct talent and vision have earned him inclusion in Atlanta Contemporary’s most recent biennial, a nomination for the coveted Hudgens Prize, and exhibitions in South Africa, Miami, and France.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:21 pm

Hidden park: Lake Claire Community Land Trust

Meet an emu named Big Lou, visit a pond popular with turtles, and commune with free-range chickens in this park inside a residential neighborhood near Candler Park, hidden just steps away from busy DeKalb Avenue. Climb up to the lookout point for some great views.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:19 pm

Thrill ride: iFLY Atlanta

Ever wondered what it would be like to jump out of an airplane, but afraid to actually do it? Then indoor skydiving is for you. Experience the thrill of flight in a safe wind tunnel at this Cobb Parkway attraction.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:19 pm

Revamped attraction: Atlanta History Center

Everything old is new again at this renovated Buckhead stalwart, which now features a StoryCorps studio, a Souper Jenny outpost, and an expanded bookstore and gift shop. Bonus: The museum no longer prohibits event guests from sipping cocktails while visiting the exhibits.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:18 pm

Arts district we hope can survive: South Downtown

Starting in 2013, the glorified arts district centered around historic South Downtown has been home to some of the city’s most boundary-pushing creatives: upstart artist and underground rock champions Mammal Gallery; zine and cultural hub Murmur; and Eyedrum, the 20-year-old pioneer of Atlanta DIY culture.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:18 pm

Al fresco bar: 8Arm

A Technicolor pink-and-green-lined shipping container, a few communal tables, and Joshua Fryer’s commitment to classic cocktails have turned the tiny space next to 8Arm into Poncey-Highland’s buzziest outdoor bar.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:17 pm

Reason to play tourist: Senoia, Georgia

Take a 52-minute drive down I-85 to Senoia, where AMC films the hit TV show The Walking Dead, for the Touring Dead Walking Tour. You’ll travel the streets of Woodbury, visit the gate at Alexandria, and maybe even meet Rick, Carl, or Negan (or maybe just a drooling, decomposing extra).

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:16 pm

Place for gamers to geek out: iSimu VR

Donkey Kong is no match for this immersive virtual reality experience in Duluth.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:15 pm

Debut album: Mattiel by Mattiel

The local singer’s “Whites of Their Eyes” was an instant sensation when its desert-set video—coproduced and coedited by local rock band Sealions’s Jason Travis—hit the internet like a heatwave in mid-July.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:14 pm

Hot trend: Luxury plumbing

In the last year or so, Buckhead’s exclusive shopping district saw the openings of three upscale plumbing boutiques: Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, & Lighting Gallery; Porcelanosa; and Kohler Signature Store by PDI.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:12 pm

Indie comedy: Dottie, 1 A.M. Secret Show, and Ladie’s Night

Catch some of Atlanta’s most innovative comedy at these indie nights.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:11 pm

3 shops with great pop-ups

We love it when retailers support indie makers, but the collaborations seem even more special when they host pop-up shops. Here are three places to find them.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:11 pm

Under-the-radar gem: Sole

You might not expect to find one of the city’s best shoe selections next to a Great Clips and across the street from a GameStop, yet this Edgewood Shopping Center boutique offers an expertly curated inventory of edgy Jeffrey Campbell booties, Seychelles loafers, and Free People flats.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:10 pm

Neighborhood gem: Karen the Fitness Girl

Karen Schrier, a personal trainer with amazing arms and an unreasonable love of planking, offers one-on-one sessions and small group classes in a compact, sunny studio above her garage in Kirkwood.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:09 pm

Hot trend: Electric bikes

ElectroBike Georgia has opened its second Atlanta location, this time in Old Fourth Ward just steps from the BeltLine.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:09 pm

Colorists: Jenn Jones, Amber Casciano, and Lindsey Wiseman

Hair feeling dull? Check out these three Atlanta colorists.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:08 pm

Neighborhood gem: Blue Heron Nature Preserve

This greenspace—which considers itself a “haven for nature in an urban environment”—dates back to the 1800s, when North Buckhead was home to the Creek Indians.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:07 pm

Neighborhood gem: Brine Seafood Shack

Marc Taft is wooing fans with oysters and crab cakes at this modern two-story structure—definitely not a shack—plunked in the middle of the ritzy new Avalon extension last April.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:07 pm

Hot trend: Rage rooms

If you’re feeling angry and looking for a healthy way to express your emotions, try a rage room, including Sandy Springs' the Break Room.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:06 pm

3 new restaurants with classic luxuries

Atlanta isn’t turning its back on experimentation, but established chefs have been exalting more classic luxuries, too.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:05 pm

Neighborhood gem: The Daily

Ever feel a little jealous of other people’s social media feeds? That’s how we feel when we stumble upon posts of the Daily, a lovely Pilates studio across from King Plow Arts Center on the Westside.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:04 pm

Local upholstery line: DR Collection

Bradley Odom, owner of Westside’s Dixon Rye, brings an eye for fashion to his signature furniture collection.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:03 pm

3 reasons to rediscover Buford Highway

Food Terminal, Dish Korean Cuisine, and the Halal Guys all opened on BuHi this year, which is going through a revival of its own.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:03 pm

Neighborhood gem: Poor Hendrix

Restaurant Eugene alum Aaron Russell operates with a strict set of rules at this low-key spot in East Lake.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:03 pm

Neighborhood gem: Greens and Gravy

Cookbook author and emerging restaurateur Darius Williams celebrates black culture in his new “soul bistro” in the quickly gentrifying neighborhood of Westview.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:02 pm

Wrist candy: Daniel Wellington

Swedish brand Daniel Wellington brought its Scandinavian-chic minimalist watches to Ponce City Market this past May, offering sleek, modern styles at an affordable pricepoint.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:02 pm

New home store: Waiting on Martha Home

After several successful pop-ups, including a months-long boutique at Shops Around Lenox, Mandy Rye has finally opened her first permanent brick-and-mortar

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:01 pm

Local fabric line: Clay McLaurin for Bungalow Classic

Many of native Atlantan Clay McLaurin’s hand-printed textiles are inspired by nature—ferns, feathers, leaves.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:01 pm

Neighborhood gem: Trinity Mercantile & Design

Trinity Mercantile & Design, which reps a wide variety of lines from Jaipur Living rugs to Tritter Feefer case goods, provides comprehensive retail and design services for Decatur residents.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:00 pm

Bespoke denim: Levi’s at Avalon

Levi’s opened its Avalon store earlier this spring as one of only a handful in the country with an in-house tailoring shop—customizing denim with embroidery, hemming, and fitting.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 6:00 pm

Bespoke men’s suiting: Commonwealth Proper

After two years in a Westside outpost, Commonwealth Proper opened its new custom tailoring shop in Buckhead in May.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:59 pm

Expansion: Design Within Reach

The sparkling two-story facility, designed by New York–based architectural firm DFA, is fun to visit even if you’re not shopping.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:58 pm

Hometown chain: Ballard Designs

This year, the brand added a glam collection by celebrity designer and Atlanta native Miles Redd to its roster of exclusives by Suzanne Kasler and Bunny Williams.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:58 pm

Eclectic goods: Collect on Sunday

While owner Christina Swilley’s focus is vintage, customers at this chic North Highland boutique can also find an array of eclectic, contemporary handmade goods.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:56 pm

Wardrobe essentials: COS

H&M’s stylish, subdued grown-up sister opened its doors to Atlanta last year and has since steadily supplied its structured basics to shoppers with an eye for clean lines.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:55 pm

Refresh: Sabot

In its new Powers Ferry Center digs, Sabot is as chic as ever, with established cool-kid lines like Loeffler Randall and Rachel Comey, along with niche lines you can’t find anywhere else in Atlanta.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:55 pm

Toughest new workout: Solidcore

This athletic, full-body workout—which takes place primarily on a souped-up resistance-based machine and taps into slow-twitch muscle fibers—is always challenging, never boring, and wholly unrelenting.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:54 pm

Niche perfumes: Neiman Marcus

Atlanta may not have Le Labo, but Neiman Marcus offers our best selection of niche perfumes.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:54 pm

Rising fashion designer: Abbey Glass

This Atlanta native has been on the rise in recent years, but 2017 marked her first brick-and-mortar retail store.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:53 pm

Foot rub: Yini Massage

This lesser known Buford Highway massage parlor is giving nearby H-Massage a run for its money.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:52 pm

Body treatment: Jeju Sauna

Lots of spas offer services that promise a “new you,” but Jeju’s traditional Korean demadi (or body shampoo) makes good on that.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:52 pm

K Beauty: Tony Moly Cosmetic Store

Korean beauty has officially hit the Western mainstream—and with their wide selection and ultra-helpful staff, Tony Moly’s Johns Creek store is the ideal place to experiment.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:51 pm

Upper-body workout: Pole La Teaz

To give you a sense of just how challenging pole dancing is, consider this: One of the instructors at the Brookhaven location of this two-studio chain quit CrossFit in favor of the workouts here.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:50 pm

Hometown beauty brand: Little Barn Apothecary

With two sleek brick-and-mortar shops and an ever-growing pile of accolades from beauty editors, this small-batch beauty line has blossomed into a brand sold coast to coast.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:50 pm

Antidote to modern stress: Spa at Mandarin Oriental

The new O2 Awakening Facial is a breath of fresh air. Aestheticians use products with concentrated oxygen molecules to decongest and detoxify skin, as well as a pleasantly tingling glycolic acid treatment that exfoliates and evens out skin tone on the face and neckline.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:49 pm

New vintage clothing: Kiwi Vintage

Fresh off a move from Mechanicsville, this EAV shop is ideal for those who appreciate the vintage aesthetic but don’t have the patience to pick through thrift store racks.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:48 pm

Outdoor boot camp: Boot Camp at Piedmont Park

It may have a militaristic name, but there are no obnoxious drill sergeants barking orders during this early-morning, one-hour class with friendly (but insistent) coaches who take you through planks, burpees, and clever team competitions.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:48 pm

Bikram: Be Hot Yoga Atlanta

Launched inside Urban Body Studios, this simple yet serious yoga studio focuses primarily on the ultra-hot variation known as Bikram and its consistent series of poses.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:47 pm

Mall retreat: Frontgate

Soothing scents, soft textiles, and handsome furniture make this newly updated store a welcome respite during a day of power shopping.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:46 pm

New tabletop shop: Hudson Grace

Find rustic serving ware, modern vases, antique silver, and other tabletop delights at this Bay Area transplant devoted to entertaining.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:46 pm

Local furniture line: Skylar Morgan Furniture + Design

Montana native Skylar Morgan’s furniture is the perfect blend of natural materials, minimalist lines, and practical construction—a style he calls American Modern.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:45 pm

California style: Serena & Lily

Known for colorful patterns and original artwork, the popular online source finds retail spaces help showcase its growing furniture collections.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:44 pm

Rebranding: 14th Street Antiques & Modern Home

We still love brown furniture, but sometimes galleries full of 19th century antiques can feel, well, dated. With 60,000 square feet and more than 100 dealers, 14th Street now claims to be the South’s largest “Curated Group Shop.”

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:44 pm

Vacation inspiration: Dear Keaton

Founders Christie Shepard and Chris Hutcheson—former textile executives who launched their website in 2016—have leveraged their love of travel into an online store that “promotes resort living every day.”

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:44 pm

Where to go for that one specific home item

Here are the best places to find lighting, sofas, chic gifts, window treatments, outdoor furniture, antiques, and more.

Published on 17 November 2017 | 5:43 pm

Our favorite write-in votes from Atlanta’s 2017 elections

"Donald Duck," "Darth Vader," "Eat my shorts," "Migos," "LOL," "Someone who isn't a sell-out, please," and "Harambe." Atlantans like to get creative when they don't like their voting options.

Published on 16 November 2017 | 11:38 pm

Home for Dinner: Steve Osunsami, ABC News Correspondent

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Steve Osunsami grew up in Peoria, Illinois housing projects eating government cheese. His mother would cook on Sundays, but otherwise it was Shake ’N Bake chicken. Now, Osunsami calls Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, and David Muir colleagues—and friends—and he’s afforded himself the ability to celebrate and “pull out all our best liquor!”

Published on 16 November 2017 | 8:19 pm

Atlanta’s favorite over-the-top holiday bar, Miracle, is back and even bigger

The team behind the Lawrence and Bon Ton are bringing the New York City-based holiday pop-up Miracle to Atlanta for the second year. Open November 24 through December 24, Miracle is a cocktail bar with over-the-top holiday decorations, holiday-themed drinks, and small plates.

Published on 16 November 2017 | 3:22 pm

O4W Pizza’s Anthony Spina is bringing the Grandma Pie back to Old Fourth Ward

If you wept when O4W Pizza departed for Duluth, your prayers have been answered—Anthony Spina is bringing his pizza back to the Old Fourth Ward in mid-2018.

Published on 16 November 2017 | 3:00 pm

It’s official: No other sports facility in the world is as eco-friendly as Mercedes-Benz Stadium

When Arthur Blank told his team he wanted Mercedes-Benz Stadium to be certified LEED Platinum, he recalled, “there was complete silence. Now sometimes silence, in a legal sense, can be construed as assent. In management, though, it could mean you’ve gone out of your mind.”

Published on 15 November 2017 | 10:59 pm

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: November 15-21

Say goodbye to the Georgia Dome, drive through the Callaway Gardens' forest of lights, and watch the Alliance Theatre's reimagining of Alice in Wonderland.

Published on 15 November 2017 | 10:31 pm

Westside Provisions District welcomes a stylish holiday guest: Neely & Chloe

Following their recent cross-country tour in a renovated Airstream trailer, the designers are making their way back to the Westside Provisions District to host a pop-up shop just in time for the holidays—this time in their first brick-and-mortar boutique.

Published on 15 November 2017 | 4:09 pm

Nobu is finally coming to Atlanta—and our film industry is partially why

At a Simon Property Group press conference this morning, Nobu CEO Trevor Horwell announced that Nobu Atlanta Restaurant and a 150-room Nobu Hotel may open as soon as late 2019, part of a major new mixed-use development at Simon-owned Phipps Plaza that will begin opening in spring 2020.

Published on 14 November 2017 | 7:38 pm

What’s inspiring designer Nina Nash right now

"As an interior designer and buyer with Mathews Furniture + Design, I’m fortunate to travel the world. This exposure inspires me to mix different styles. I adore combining classic richness with something exotic and bold. Fashion is also a big influence on my work."

Published on 14 November 2017 | 5:35 pm

Where to eat on Thanksgiving 2017 in Atlanta (or get your turkey to-go)

No time to cook? Here are several restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta, and several where you can order turkey and sides to-go before the big meal.

Published on 13 November 2017 | 8:45 pm

The Walking Dead Awards: God save the king

Ezekiel endures what has to be one of the worst days of his life. Carol continues being a stealthy force to be reckoned with.

Published on 13 November 2017 | 6:21 pm

André 3000 launches a shoe collection with Tretorn

The 42-year-old half of Outkast is a long-time fan of the brand, reminiscing of the days he wore Tretorns in the halls of Tri-Cities High School.

Published on 13 November 2017 | 4:06 pm

With ReSupply app, five Army officers are hoping to make donating to charity easier than ever

This Veterans Day, Army officers Paul Tocci, Kevin Epp, Brendan Buckley, Corey Reiser, and Eric Osteen will give back to their community by debuting in Atlanta a new mobile app that seeks to make giving to charity an everyday task—ReSupply

Published on 11 November 2017 | 12:51 pm

Eat This: Tacos at Muchacho

Muchacho, one of the two new restaurants from Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall owner Michael Lennox to open in the former H. Harper Station space, brings some solid barbacoa and al pastor tacos to Memorial Drive.

Published on 10 November 2017 | 11:22 pm

Joli Residential will do all the house chores you don’t have time to do

Former interior designer Rachel Eisaman founded Joli Residential in 2012 after noticing that clients were making requests beyond her usual decorating repertoire: recommending contractors, comparing costs, scheduling visits, even tablescaping.

Published on 10 November 2017 | 5:19 pm

I’m not a pilot, but I flew the Delta Flight Museum’s 737 simulator

“Ever roll a 737?” Piloting the Delta Flight Museum's 737-200 simulator gave me a chance to do things I'd never get to do in a real commercial jet.

Published on 10 November 2017 | 12:19 am

Commentary: The legacy of Cornelia Walker Bailey, the griot of Sapelo Island

Cornelia Walker Bailey knew Sapelo Island’s history and was determined to get it straight. As the unofficial griot (a West African term for a historian or storyteller) of Hog Hammock, the last remaining of the original African American communities founded by the island’s population of freed slaves and their descendants, she taught it every chance she got.

Published on 9 November 2017 | 7:38 pm

Holeman & Finch Public House gets a total revamp for its 10th anniversary

The revamped space and accompanying food and beverage offerings are designed to create an approachable, unpretentious vibe that draws customers in weekly, restaurateur/chef Linton Hopkins says.

Published on 9 November 2017 | 5:57 pm

Atlanta’s crowded mayoral race is going to a runoff. Now what?

For Mary Norwood, it must have felt like déjà vu. Back in 2009 at her election night party at the Varsity—with a runoff against Kasim Reed looming and Fulton County results glacially slow to come in—she urged her supporters to save their energy and settle in for the long haul. Tuesday night wasn’t much different. This time, though, her opponent wasn’t Reed, but Reed’s heir apparent, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Published on 9 November 2017 | 12:38 am

Pratt-Pullman Yard, one of Atlanta’s largest and most historic sites, now belongs to Hollywood

Located between two MARTA stations, Pratt-Pullman Yard includes 11 buildings, totaling 153,000 square feet, and is flanked by a small forest, stream, and grassy field. Plenty of big-thinking developers have craved turning it into an adaptive reuse success story, including one nonprofit that envisioned soccer fields and urban farms. It's also been used in movie and television productions including Baby Driver and the Fast and the Furious and Hunger Games series. But its potential has never been tapped.

Published on 9 November 2017 | 12:09 am

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: November 8-14

Jay-Z at Philips, wine at Historic Fourth Ward Park, and get your Christmas shopping in early at Shoppe Holiday Market.

Published on 8 November 2017 | 9:36 pm

50 Best Things to Do in Atlanta

Not sure where to take the visiting in-laws or what to do with the kids on a break? We've updated our list of the 50 Best Things to Do in Atlanta with brand new places to eat, shop, and explore. How many have you checked off your list?

Published on 8 November 2017 | 4:39 pm

House Envy: This East Cobb Georgian Revival merges classical design with modern amenities

If your dream home merges timeless design with lots of amenities, then take a look at this Georgian Revival in East Cobb. The new build, designed by Jerry Spangler of TSW Architecture and constructed by Cablik Enterprises, adheres to the principles of classical architectural style. What's more, it's loaded with modern conveniences.

Published on 8 November 2017 | 4:06 pm

Spotlight: Union Station Hotel Nashville

In the early twentieth century, Nashville’s Union Station was a bustling terminal, serving passengers traveling on eight railroads.

Published on 8 November 2017 | 3:34 pm

The case for combining your bathroom and bedroom into one big space

When designing a master suite, builders usually prioritize the bedroom. But if you step back and think practically, the bedroom only contains the bed—while the bathroom and closet hold everything else. A lobby-style setup, which combines the two rooms, may be more effective and luxurious.

Published on 7 November 2017 | 9:54 pm

My Style: Vanessa Toro, founder of Rabble & Rouse

Vanessa Toro launched her clothing brand, Rabble & Rouse, in 2015 with the tagline “Give all the damns.” Her T-shirts make bold statements with phrases like “Be vigilant, not afraid” and “All we have is each other.” Toro herself is regularly stopped on the street for her jet-black pixie cut, signature red lip, and flair for pairing colors and prints.

Published on 7 November 2017 | 6:35 pm

15 questions with A3C performer Kamau Kenyatte

The up-and-coming hip-hop artist talks fashion, depression, advice for other artists, and more.

Published on 7 November 2017 | 3:59 pm

Vote! Everything you need to know on Election Day 2017 in Atlanta

Where do I go to vote? Where do I find results? Where are the candidate parties? This Atlanta election is an important one—don't miss out.

Published on 6 November 2017 | 11:54 pm

You should eat more turkey

There are health benefits to varying your poultry routine throughout the year. Turkey could almost be considered a superfood: It’s packed with protein, low in fat, and contains iron, vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, and zinc. But the market for turkey that’s not ground is slim after the holidays.

Published on 6 November 2017 | 9:45 pm

The Walking Dead Awards: To kill or not to kill?

Morgan loses his marbles, again; Rick tries to stay humane; and we witness what may be the most anticlimactic death in TWD history.

Published on 6 November 2017 | 6:48 pm

Take Five: Retro Retail

Stock up on nostalgia at these five long-standing general stores.

Published on 6 November 2017 | 5:15 pm

Everything you need to know about the 2017 Atlanta City Council races in 10 minutes

There's a lot going on in the Atlanta City Council races, and your time is precious. A quick guide to get you up to speed on what you should know before Tuesday.

Published on 4 November 2017 | 8:14 pm

This Morehouse College sophomore’s hilarious biology extra credit video is going viral

Morehouse College sophomore Julien Turner wasn't kidding when he tweeted "I'm about to drop some fire" at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. Forty minutes later, he tweeted a video of him rapping about cell division to the beat of Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3." It has since blown up and gone viral—garnering thousands of comments, tens of thousands of retweets, and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Published on 3 November 2017 | 10:34 pm

Road Trip: Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta encompasses some of the continent’s most productive land, its soil fed for millennia by the regular flooding of the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers.

Published on 3 November 2017 | 6:55 pm

Fresh on the Scene: C. Ellet’s, Bar Mercado, Bluetop

A new steakhouse right next to SunTrust Park's entrance, Krog Street Market's new tapas restaurant, and historic Chamblee's fast-casual Americana.

Published on 3 November 2017 | 6:16 pm

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