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Infamous cult leader Charles Manson dead at 83

The wild-eyed 1960s cult leader whose followers terrorized Los Angeles and shocked the nation has died in prison.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 7:16 pm

Where are 'Manson Family' members now?

Charles Manson's followers were young and zealously committed.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 10:28 pm

Manson: A notorious killer's legacy

Ted Rowlands explains the fascination with Charles Manson and the brutal crimes he inspired.

Published on 22 December 2014 | 8:41 pm

Follower says she had sex with Manson at age 14

Former Charles Manson follower Dianne Lake opened up about her "Manson family" experience, including having sex with the cult leader when she was just 14 years old.

Published on 25 October 2017 | 9:09 am

More on Charles Manson and his cult

Charles Manson, the charismatic cult leader whose followers committed heinous murders that shocked the nation almost a half century ago, has died of natural causes, according to the California Department of Corrections.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 7:13 am

Trump: N. Korea is a state sponsor of terror

President Donald Trump has announced North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 5:11 pm

Nebraska approves path for Keystone XL pipeline

Nebraska officials voted Monday to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to cross the state -- marking a key step toward the completion of the Keystone Pipeline network.

Published on 20 November 2017 | 9:29 pm

Publicist who set up Trump Jr., Russian lawyer meeting says he's ready to talk to Mueller

The British publicist who set up a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between a Russian lawyer and several members of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign team says he's open to speaking with special counsel Robert Mueller and denies he was part of Moscow's meddling in last year's election.

Published on 19 November 2017 | 8:59 pm

First female mayor of New Orleans elected

New Orleans voters elected LaToya Cantrell as mayor Saturday, making her the first woman to hold that position in the city's 300-year history.

Published on 19 November 2017 | 1:33 pm

Her startup is changing people's fitness routines

Published on 19 September 2017 | 8:56 pm

Review: Pixel Buds falls short of translation promise

Published on 20 November 2017 | 4:30 pm

Top 100 Best Jobs in America

Published on 9 May 2017 | 6:13 pm

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