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Tadej Pogacar wins Tour de France to make history for Slovenia

Tadej Pogacar became the first Slovenian to win the Tour de France as the famous three-week race ended on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Sunday.

Published on 20 September 2020 | 5:26 pm

How it all went wrong (again) in Europe as second wave grips continent

Airline flights spread Covid, two studies show

Published on 20 September 2020 | 9:46 am

Protesters in Thailand using 'Hunger Games' sign to demand reform

Anti-government protesters in Thailand delivered a list of demands for monarchy reform to Bangkok authorities -- an explosive and unprecedented move in a country that reveres the king.

Published on 20 September 2020 | 4:11 pm

Venus is a Russian planet — say the Russians

No longer confined to territories here on Earth, Russia has now staked its claim on Venus, saying it is a "Russian planet."

Published on 18 September 2020 | 5:52 pm

The pandemic hurt Richard Branson's business empire. He's looking for new deals anyway

The coronavirus pandemic has battered Richard Branson's business empire. Now, the billionaire is going on the offensive.

Published on 17 September 2020 | 3:05 pm

A side-by-side comparison of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X

This holiday season will see a showdown between new consoles from two of the biggest names in gaming: Sony and Microsoft.

Published on 17 September 2020 | 4:40 pm

Nintendo is discontinuing the 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is discontinued.

Published on 17 September 2020 | 5:55 pm

Will an Apple One subscription save you money? We break it down

Apple's newly announced subscription bundles are the company's latest effort to push its music, streaming video, gaming and other services on users.

Published on 16 September 2020 | 3:46 pm

A multibillion-dollar shopping obsession goes mainstream in China

Eight months ago, Meng Hu quit her job as a flight attendant in Guangzhou, China to pursue her dream of becoming an online star.

Published on 7 September 2020 | 8:42 am

US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters

If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.

Published on 18 September 2019 | 4:44 pm

How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis

Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.

Published on 12 July 2019 | 9:20 am

How Emma Watson's Met Gala gown changed the red carpet forever

Only just over a decade ago, sustainability in fashion was a fringe issue. But today, it has become a major talking point -- even at important red carpet events, as evidenced by this year's Oscars.

Published on 31 August 2020 | 9:46 am

Will China ever embrace second-hand fashion?

China may produce and consume more apparel than anywhere else in the world, but when it comes to buying pre-owned clothes, the country lags behind fashion's other major players.

Published on 31 August 2020 | 9:09 am

Worried about your lifestyle and the climate? Read these books

Looking for the next step to reduce your environmental fashion footprint? The best way is to read and educate yourself further.

Published on 31 August 2020 | 11:17 am

'Most clothes can be recycled' and 8 other myths

Buying from eco-consicous brands isn't the best way to adopt sustainable style. Your online returns don't end up where you think they do. Investing in luxury fashion over fast fashion doesn't necessarily prevent worker exploitation.

Published on 2 September 2020 | 11:55 am

Is algae the new cotton?

Canadian-Iranian designer Roya Aghighi wants you to imagine that your shirt is alive.

Published on 31 August 2020 | 8:25 am

Ibiza's 40-year party could finally be over

Hundreds of sweaty clubbers are crammed onto at the Glitterbox dance floor, soaking up the grooves as one of Ibiza's biggest party nights gets into full swing.

Published on 10 September 2020 | 11:11 am

Why passenger jets could soon be flying in formation

Birds are the undisputed masters of aerodynamics.

Published on 15 September 2020 | 9:50 am

Scientists say they've figured the odds of catching Covid-19 on a plane

Sitting squeezed between a number of strangers on board an aircraft might feel like a risky position during these uncertain times.

Published on 20 August 2020 | 2:29 pm

Left behind because of Covid-19, a tiny dog travels 10,000 miles to rejoin her owners

All the best dogs find their way home eventually. Sometimes, like Pipsqueak the wiener dog, they've got to embark on a journey of more than 10,000 miles to get there.

Published on 2 September 2020 | 3:55 pm

The surprises hidden in Microsoft's Flight Simulator

We'd heard about the new Microsoft Flight Simulator's mega-realistic scenery, digitally distilled from satellite imagery. We knew the sim could recreate real-time weather conditions on the go, relayed from live climatic data feeds. Even real-world pilots say that the look and feel of the airplanes are, in so many ways, indistinguishable from the real thing.

Published on 10 September 2020 | 8:29 am

Futuristic 'Flying-V' airplane makes successful maiden flight

Researchers have conducted a successful maiden flight of the Flying-V, a futuristic and fuel efficient airplane that could one day carry passengers in its wings.

Published on 7 September 2020 | 4:17 pm

Farmers were destroying unsold produce, so he delivered it to food banks

George Ahearn, who grew up in the farming town of Othello, Washington, co-founded EastWest Food Rescue after learning that Covid-19 was costing local farmers so much business that they were willing to destroy their crops.

Published on 17 September 2020 | 4:40 pm

With their club closed, these drag queens are delivering dinner and a show right to your door

A popular San Francisco cabaret and nightclub is making the best of the pandemic shutdown with a meal delivery service that offers a lot more than just food and drinks.

Published on 6 September 2020 | 8:00 am

Comedian uses Instagram following to help teachers stock their classrooms

It all began with a DM.

Published on 6 September 2020 | 5:26 pm

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