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US coronavirus deaths surpass 160,000: Live updates

The US has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world, followed by Brazil and Mexico.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 6:42 pm

Lebanon's Hezbollah denies storing arms at blast site: Live

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says Beirut port explosion 'has nothing to do' with group, calls for accountability.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 6:11 pm

Several killed in southern India plane crash

Police say at least 14 killed as Air India Express flight skids off runway in southern city of Calicut.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 6:06 pm

US appeals court revives House lawsuit for McGahn's testimony

If McGahn testifies, it is unclear if his testimony would include any new revelations.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 5:59 pm

Protests rock US city of Portland, mayor says tumult helps Trump

Protesters allegedly attempted to burn a police precinct after cops made arrests and returned to using tear gas.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 5:23 pm

Palestinian woman killed by Israeli fire during West Bank clash

Palestinian health ministry says Dalia Samudi was in her home when she was hit by a live round.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 5:08 pm

Can Trump bypass Congress to extend coronavirus aid?

As Democrats and Republicans fail to agree on benefits, Trump claims he will use executive power to extend. Can he?

Published on 7 August 2020 | 3:40 pm

How Beirut firefighters were sent into disaster

A team of 10 was ordered to respond to a fire at the Beirut port. They did not know what they were heading for.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 3:32 pm

Erdogan says Turkey has resumed drilling in eastern Mediterranean

NATO members Turkey and Greece have long been at loggerheads over overlapping claims for hydrocarbon resources.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 2:51 pm

US: Trump's attacks on mail-in votes could cost Republicans

Local Republican officials fear Trump's attacks could hurt them as Democrats request ballots at higher rates.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 2:36 pm

Serbia mends fences with Azerbaijan after selling arms to Armenia

President Aleksandar Vucic speaks to his Azerbaijani counterpart, seeking to patch up relations.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 2:06 pm

Who is the woman challenging Belarusian President Lukashenko?

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has emerged as the main opponent of the Belarusian president in the August 9 vote.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 1:50 pm

Belgium suspends arms exports to Saudi national guard

A complaint from human rights groups prompts Belgium to suspend arms export licences for some shipments.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 1:45 pm

Belarus begins fuelling its first nuclear power plant

The Russian-built Astravets nuclear plant is expected to start powering Belarus by the end of this year.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 1:09 pm

Pope appoints six women to Vatican's first financial watchdog

The women will serve as lay experts on the 15-member council to oversee the administrative and financial structures.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 12:21 pm

COVID-19 crisis crippling South America's largest economy

Brazil is facing its highest unemployment rate in three years.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:58 am

Mexico's Oaxaca state bans sale of junk food to children

It is an effort to cut down on high levels of obesity in Mexico, which, for children, are among the highest in the world.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:42 am

Thousands take part in banned opposition rally in Belarus

The electoral race is proving the strongest challenge yet to the 26-year rule of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:42 am

Police clear anti-government protest camps across Bulgaria

Dozens of tents were removed in the capital Sofia as well as Varna, Plovdiv and an interstate road in the south.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:25 am

Presidents of Guinea, Ivory Coast seeking third term

The governing party in Guinea has asked President Alpha Conde to seek a controversial third term in office and after weeks of speculation, Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara has announced that he too is seeking a third term.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:21 am

Liverpool credited with strong fight against COVID-19

A common criticism of the UK's tackling of the coronavirus crisis has been a lack of clear, decisive leadership, but now one city is being held up as an example of how a coordinated community effort can work.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:15 am

Belgian court rejects extradition of ex-Catalan minister to Spain

The court rejects enforcing the European arrest warrant for former Catalan culture minister, Lluis Puig.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:12 am

Standoff with China will be long, India warns in pulled statement

The ministry's admission of Chinese 'transgressions', which has since been removed, contradicts earlier gov't stand.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:10 am

Sudan faces disease threats after floods displace hundreds

There are concerns they will now be exposed to water-borne diseases like malaria and cholera.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 11:05 am

Spain's ex-King Juan Carlos is in Abu Dhabi: News report

Spanish daily newspaper ABC reports a private plane took the former monarch to the UAE on Monday.

Published on 7 August 2020 | 10:45 am

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