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Mohammed Zubair: Indian police arrest Modi critic over tweets

Mohammed Zubair of Alt News has reportedly been accused of insulting religious beliefs on Twitter.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 12:40 pm

Kremenchuk strike: 'I didn't think they would hit a mall - it's a safe place'

A Russian missile hit a busy mall in Ukraine. The BBC spoke to some of those who were inside.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 12:24 pm

Texas migrant deaths: At least 46 found dead in abandoned truck

The victims were discovered on the outskirts of San Antonio, 250km from the US-Mexican border.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 12:11 pm

Non-essential petrol sales halted for two weeks in Sri Lanka

The country says it is saving its limited fuel supplies for vehicles used for essential services.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 11:15 am

Timed Teaser: Who rocked Glastonbury with McCartney?

Test your knowledge of the news these last few days - 10 questions, 10 seconds each. Go!

Published on 28 June 2022 | 10:27 am

Kremenchuk mall attack: 'I saw burned people... some covered in blood'

Survivors speak about the Russian missile attack on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 10:00 am

Nazi camp guard, 101, given five years for aiding murder

The oldest Nazi criminal ever to stand trial in Germany, he had always denied being a camp guard.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 9:49 am

Will Sweden and Finland go from neutral to Nato?

It would be a historic shift if they do and Turkey is the only obstacle to them joining.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 7:08 am

Toxic gas leak at Jordan's Aqaba port kills 13, injures hundreds

A container filled with chlorine was dropped by a crane at the port of Aqaba, authorities say.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 6:50 am

Nato summit: Five challenges for the military alliance

After Russia's shock invasion of Ukraine, what issues are likely to dominate the Nato summit?

Published on 28 June 2022 | 4:57 am

Australia census: Five ways the country is changing

Big shifts are happening - the country is now more diverse, less religious, and increasingly millennial.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 4:50 am

Amtrak derailment: Three killed in Missouri after train hits truck

More than 250 people were onboard the Los Angeles-Chicago train when it hit a dump truck.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 12:36 am

Oslo attacks: Pride protesters defy Norway police warnings

Thousands gathered to remember the victims of a deadly attack in Oslo which targeted an LGBT venue.

Published on 28 June 2022 | 12:30 am

Fertiliser shortage hits African farmers battling food crisis

The global fertiliser shortage is driving up prices and raising fears of food scarcity.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:54 pm

Delhi Afghanistan embassy not taking orders from Taliban

It's one of 70 such missions around the world running with little funds since the Taliban takeover.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:51 pm

Why young Arab men turn to anti-impotency drugs

How sexual medication is used in the Arab world as a way of living up to ideals of masculinity.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:48 pm

Bangladesh floods: 'I have nothing left except my life'

Khudeza survived the worst floods in north-east Bangladesh for a century but millions are homeless.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:39 pm

El Salvador's abortion ban: 'I was sent to prison for suffering a miscarriage'

Elsy was sentenced to 30 years for aggravated homicide after losing her baby in a miscarriage in El Salvador.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:36 pm

The abortion clues that can hide on your phone

There are a number of concerns around data protection following the US Supreme Court's ruling on abortion.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:31 pm

Hong Kong: ‘We don’t know where the red line is’

China promised to protect democratic freedoms for 50 years but new laws have effectively silenced all criticism.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 11:03 pm

Ukraine war: G7 pledges to stay with Ukraine until the end

Under pressure to be united against Russia, the West promises support "for as long as it takes".

Published on 27 June 2022 | 4:04 pm

US Supreme Court: Should this coach have been punished for praying?

A high school coach should have been able to pray on the field at school, the US Supreme Court said.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 2:25 pm

'Show them our pecs' - G7 leaders mock Putin

As the G7 leaders sat down for their first meeting on Sunday, they started to make fun of the Russian leader's so-called macho image.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 10:15 am

China and Hong Kong: Five moments in fraught relationship since handover

From the Olympics to mass protests, the 25 years since handover have seen highs and lows.

Published on 27 June 2022 | 12:06 am

Why do so many devastating earthquakes happen in Afghanistan?

At least 1,000 people have died in Afghanistan's worst earthquake in two decades

Published on 27 June 2022 | 12:04 am

Ukraine war: BBC journalist Olga Malchevska returns to bombed Kyiv home

Olga Malchevska was live on air when she saw images of her childhood home in the aftermath of a Russian attack.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 11:32 pm

Roe v Wade: Church that helped Jane Roe still aids abortion-seekers

This church helped the original Roe - and will keep aiding abortion-seekers after Supreme Court ruling.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 11:11 pm

Forced to Beg: Tanzania’s Trafficked Kids

A BBC undercover investigation has exposed a human trafficking network smuggling disabled children from Tanzania to Kenya.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 11:10 pm

Kenyan policeman's suicide: A widow's grief

The force takes on mental health to help officers affected by stress - but for some it comes too late.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 11:08 pm

Will electric motorbike sales take off across Asia?

Soaring petrol prices could speed up the transition to electric much faster than expected.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 11:03 pm

Why the world needs to do more to protect its oceans

A treaty to protect the world’s oceans is being discussed this week – what is at stake?

Published on 26 June 2022 | 10:34 pm

Ukraine war: What Severodonetsk's fall means for the conflict

Russian troops must still cross the Siversky Donets river to capture all of the Luhansk region.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 9:18 pm

How Ukraine left its mark on Glastonbury

Eurovision winners and folk heroes played across the festival, spreading a message of resistance.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 12:38 pm

Ukraine war: Helping families find missing loved ones

A Red Cross call centre is reuniting Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war with their loved ones.

Published on 26 June 2022 | 11:01 am

Nigerian Ife head: Why UK police are holding a priceless sculpture

Original Ife bronze heads, of which only some 20 survive, are thought to be about 700 years old.

Published on 25 June 2022 | 11:10 pm

Ukraine war: Inside Ukraine's International Legion of foreign fighters

The BBC speaks to some of the thousands of foreign soldiers who have joined the fight against Russia.

Published on 25 June 2022 | 11:03 pm

Roe v Wade: The world reacts to US abortion ruling

Our correspondents in Italy, El Salvador, India, Ireland and Canada explain the impact in countries across the globe.

Published on 25 June 2022 | 2:54 pm