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Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in Los Angeles car crash

The actor-politician was unhurt in the collision, as photos show a large SUV on top of other cars.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 4:10 pm

Search for monkey missing after US motorway crash

The monkey was being transported to a lab in Florida but escaped after the accident in Pennsylvania.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 3:30 pm

Fans sue Universal Pictures over film without Ana de Armas

The comedy Yesterday has the actress in the trailer, but not the movie itself - to the anger of fans.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 2:43 pm

Ukraine tension: US 'lethal aid' arrives in Kyiv amid border build-up

The first delivery of a security assistance package includes ammunition for "front line defenders".

Published on 22 January 2022 | 2:21 pm

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam defends Covid hamster cull

Carrie Lam says the priority is to control the rise in cases partly caused by an outbreak in pet hamsters.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 1:45 pm

Two Canadians shot dead at upscale Mexican resort

The incident began as an argument among guests, one of whom was the gunman, at the hotel near Cancún.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 5:30 am

Kiribati goes into first lockdown after Covid flight cases

Until last week, the remote island nation of Kiribati had recorded just two Covid cases.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 4:49 am

UN condemns deadly air strike on Yemen prison

A Saudi-led coalition denies it struck a detention centre on Friday, killing more than 70 people.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 4:24 am

Gen Z marchers praying for an end to US abortion

The young activists are optimistic their movement's long-cherished goal may be within reach.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 3:20 am

Udupi hijab issue: The Indian girls fighting to wear hijab in college

Six Muslim students say they are not being allowed to attend classes because they wear headscarves.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 1:06 am

Yemen rebel attack on UAE throws challenge to the region

A fatal drone and missile strike raises questions about the war and security across the Middle East.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 1:01 am

Kenya's River Yala: Mystery and heartbreak of the dead bodies

At least 19 corpses have been found dumped in western Kenya and relatives want to know how they died.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 12:57 am

Ukraine crisis: Long journey home to rebel-run Donetsk

One resident returns to their home city in rebel-held east Ukraine, as tensions with Russia rise.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 12:56 am

Week in pictures: 15 - 21 January 2022

A selection of powerful images from all over the globe, taken this week.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 12:39 am

Ros Atkins On... China's zero-Covid dilemma

Ros Atkins examines China's Covid elimination strategy, while others are learning to live with the virus.

Published on 22 January 2022 | 12:00 am

Gabby Petito: Boyfriend of blogger 'responsible' for her murder

Brian Laundrie admitted in a journal to killing Gabby Petito during a cross-country trip, says the FBI.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 10:56 pm

Afghan women taken from their homes after speaking out

The BBC searches for an Afghan woman removed from her home after protesting against Taliban rule.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 8:50 pm

Five slices of Meat Loaf: Iconic moments on the BBC

He'd do anything for fun... Watch our highlights from Meat Loaf's many BBC appearances over the decades.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 7:44 pm

Do Ukrainians and Russians believe a full-scale war is possible?

Amid growing fears of a Russian invasion, BBC correspondents gauge the public mood in Kyiv and Moscow.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 7:31 pm

Meat Loaf: What exactly is it that the singer would not do for love?

How I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) became one of rock's biggest urban myths.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 6:10 pm

The shy man behind the hard-rocking extrovert

The singer who popularised a melodramatic bombastic style of rock music.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 11:03 am

Meat Loaf: The music legend's life in video

Remembering Bat Out of Hell star Meat Loaf who has died at the age of 74.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 8:52 am

The radio station bringing worried Tongans together

A community broadcaster in Brisbane, Australia, is bringing information and support following the tsunami.

Published on 21 January 2022 | 12:05 am

Beijing Winter Olympics: Why are they controversial?

Winter Olympics host China is being criticised over its human rights record.

Published on 20 January 2022 | 11:58 am