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NATO exercises sweep Europe amid Russian escalation, rising tensions between Moscow and US

Lit only by an orange floodlight, a single file of camouflaged men crept along the wall of a small, dark Romanian port on the Black Sea. Suddenly, they opened fire on the two men guarding a darkened warehouse with broken windows.

Published on 11 May 2021 | 10:18 pm

Colombian protest leader Lucas Villa, who was shot eight times, dies

Colombian student activist Lucas Villa was declared brain dead Monday night, nearly a week after he was shot eight times at a peaceful protest against President Ivan Duque's government, CNN Espanol reported, citing a statement from San Jorge de Pereira University Hospital where he was being treated.

Published on 11 May 2021 | 8:53 pm

Analysis: China and Russia want to vaccinate the developing world before the West. It's brought them closer than ever

When Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is unloaded in countries around the world, hundreds of millions of doses will come with the label "Made in China."

Published on 12 May 2021 | 2:01 am

At least 7 children killed in Russian school shooting

Seven children were killed and at least 16 people injured on Tuesday after a gunman opened fire in a school in the Russian city of Kazan, according to the country's National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

Published on 11 May 2021 | 3:21 pm

CNN anchor presses leader on corruption claims

CNN's Zain Asher speaks to Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio about how he's performing against his campaign promises to root out corruption in the country.

Published on 11 May 2021 | 11:08 pm

SpaceX will accept dogecoin as payment for upcoming moon mission

SpaceX is claiming it will accept dogecoin — the somewhat satirical but popular cryptocurrency — as payment for an upcoming mission.

Published on 10 May 2021 | 4:58 pm

NBC will not air the next Golden Globes after diversity controversy

The Golden Globes will not be airing on NBC next year, temporarily ending a decades-long relationship between the network and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the nonprofit responsible for the awards.

Published on 11 May 2021 | 12:50 pm

Facebook urged to stop plans for an Instagram for kids

Facebook's plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13 continues to get backlash.

Published on 10 May 2021 | 6:12 pm

Starbucks has a new Frappuccino for the summer

Starbucks is ringing in summer with a Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino, its first new limited time flavor in more than three years.

Published on 11 May 2021 | 9:53 pm

Here's what Salesforce has learned as it reopens offices around the world

As companies prepare to reopen and welcome employees back to the office, a big question remains: Are workers ready to come back?

Published on 10 May 2021 | 3:24 pm

US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters

If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.

Published on 18 September 2019 | 4:44 pm

How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis

Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.

Published on 12 July 2019 | 9:20 am

The $1.8B 'vanity project' that has enraged India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's overhaul of New Delhi's historic center was always going to be controversial -- even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

Published on 9 May 2021 | 12:03 am

Capturing Hollywood's last wild decade

It isn't unusual for a Hollywood native like Randall Slavin to grow up wanting to be an actor.

Published on 10 March 2020 | 4:30 am

Billie Eilish in new Vogue shoot: 'I'm not letting myself be owned anymore'

Musician Billie Eilish says she is taking back her power by speaking out against systemic abuse, body positivity and the unrealistic expectations placed on young women.

Published on 3 May 2021 | 2:22 pm

Inside Miley Cyrus' exuberant Los Angeles home -- designed by her mother

When it came time for Miley Cyrus to decorate the 6,800-square-foot Los Angeles home she bought last year, the singer looked to one of the people who knows her best: Her mother and manager, Tish Cyrus.

Published on 29 April 2021 | 2:37 pm

This Gen-Z trend making the internet wholesome again

They say the devil finds work for idle hands, but after a year of intermittent lockdowns and social starvation, the hobbies many of us have chosen to busy ourselves with are surprisingly wholesome. Lately, there has been a deluge of crafting content on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, as crocheting and knitting shed the senior stereotype and emerge as fashion's newest fad among Gen Z.

Published on 29 April 2021 | 10:59 am

Are we ready for our smart home devices to become truly "smart"?

For decades, the smart home has been a mainstay in pop culture, from Disney's 1999 flick "Smart House," in which an artificially intelligent home takes on the personality of a domineering mother, to the retro high-tech home of "The Jetsons." The 1960s cartoon offered a view of domestic life a century later, from a grooming room that combs your hair and brushes your teeth, to the ever-attentive and overworked Rosie, the robot maid.

Published on 28 April 2021 | 8:05 am

These beautiful Italian towns will pay you to work remotely

Remote working has become a possibility for many during the pandemic, meaning the office can now be anywhere from a kitchen table to a sandy beach on the other side of the world.

Published on 9 May 2021 | 9:43 am

Huge ships, huge problems in Venice

It was the story that made waves around the world: cruise ships banned from Venice.

Published on 8 May 2021 | 10:06 am

He saved her from drowning and they fell in love

Nupur Gupta was nearing the end of a two-week stint teaching at a yoga retreat in Goa, India.

Published on 4 May 2021 | 11:24 am

World's highest infinity pool has opened in Dubai

There are few feelings as liberating as swimming in the open air, below blue skies that stretch all the way to horizon -- and now in Dubai you can do it nearly 1,000 feet above sea level.

Published on 3 May 2021 | 1:57 pm

Huge superyacht squeezes down narrow Dutch canals

It's not every day you see a gigantic superyacht weaving through the narrow canals of the Netherlands.

Published on 22 April 2021 | 10:15 am

Where you can sunbathe nude around the world

For true aficionados of nude relaxation, there are no parts of the body "where the sun don't shine."

Published on 22 April 2021 | 2:44 pm

Covid forced many parents to choose between work and helping their kids with school. This CNN Hero is helping families do both

As the vaccine rollout continues and parts of the US loosen restrictions, school reopenings in some communities are still in flux. For many families of remote students, parents returning to work remain in a difficult position.

Published on 29 April 2021 | 10:26 pm

Finding magic in mentorship: How one CNN Hero inspired thousands of young women to write their own success stories

For young people who are experiencing social isolation and loss during the pandemic, the mental health effects have been taxing. Research shows that depression and anxiety are prevalent among children and adolescents due to Covid-19.

Published on 8 May 2021 | 3:07 am

A student harnessed the power of beets to make healing from surgery safer -- and more equitable

Dasia Taylor didn't expect to become a nationally recognized scientist at 17 years old.

Published on 17 April 2021 | 6:03 am

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